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Welcome to Seattle Washington!

Updated: May 25, 2020

July 29, 2011
July 29th 2011
This week has been great. My friend, Michael from Mississippi came up to visit me in Seattle, Washington. I must admit this is really my first time out and about in this city. There was a little rain for one day but not enough to stop us from touring the city. We
to several Goodwill, Army Surplus Stores, Malls, and Garage Sales. A lot of our time was spent shopping for bargains. Washington has a lot of these type stores and sales throughout the state. The Goodwill stores are great for back to school shopping, household items, clothing and practically anything for fairly reasonable prices. They are good for the community in terms of making things affordable and they help people with disabilities and other barriers to employment go to work by providing an ideal training opportunity for people interested in the retail field. The Army Surplus is my favorite place to shop; the people there have become my friend. Recently two of the stores in my neighborhood closed because of the overhead to keep the doors opened. When will people realize that they are charging way too much for their rental fees? The garage sales are like shopping at an antique store. People have accumulated some of everything. I have found stuff dated back into the 1800’s and a lot of souvenirs that celebrate the best of Washington State. Seattle has many things for a visitor to do. There are great Museums to visit, you can have fun at the Waterfront, go to a Concert (Darn, we missed Sade), dine at fabulous restaurants, go to one of the many premier arts, entertainment and cultural centers, experience historic Seattle by taking an underground tour of Seattle most unusual attraction, and don’t forget about downtown’s Pike Place Market. Mike and I had lunch at Pike Place Chinese Cuisine. The food was delicious! From here we got the perfect view of the pier and a nice view of Mount Rainier! It can be seen from a lot of different places. One cannot go without attending one of the outdoor events. The Hemp fest just so happened to be the live on stage entertainment happening on this particular weekend. There were people from all walks of life partying and pulling to legalize marijuana for health reasons (*wink wink*). In the summer the sun stays out late and you should too, so after this event, we decided to go see the Space Needle and take photos. This is Seattle’s most familiar icon; it soars more than 600 feet but you can ride the elevator to the top to get a skyline view of the city. Last but not least for my visitor we got a taste of Capitol Hill. We had lunch with Brandon and Stephanie. Capitol Hill is a well established, dim and cozy neighborhood with a lot of eateries. You can pick from Vietnamese, Mexican, Japanese, American, Pan-Asian, Italian, Thai, and Spanish dishes. We dined out at Rom Mai Thai. The perfect spot with stellar food! These were only some of the things we enjoyed in Seattle. The work out in the spin class with Anne Marie at the YMCA was also tons of fun! Until Next Week!
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